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We Make Hard Money Lending in St. Louis Faster and Easier for Real Estate Investors

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    The Win-Win Hard Money Lending Solution


    We've funded loans in as little as 24 hours during our peak season. We can make sure you have funding on time.

    Financial Partner

    Our local team has experience rehabbing and flipping. We know the market and have our own numbers. We can be your edge in funding the right deals.


    All loans are processed in-house. Our team knows the market and your deals to ensure win-win solutions. Nothing is outsourced.


    You'll always talk to one of our local team members directly. There are no robots or annoying automated call menus here!

    The FasterFunds Lending Process

    Every loan goes through our standardized process to ensure win-win deals every time.

    Here our focus is making sure you can comfortably make payments, fund unexpected things that come up during the rehab and still pay personal bills on time. We want to make sure people are financially prepared to rehab houses or do the BRRRR method.

    This is our version of an appraisal. The benefit to this is it’s so much more than an appraisal at no cost. A team member walks through the property, listens to your plan, lets you know if the rehab makes sense, if there’s something different you could do to possibly help you make more money and run numbers specific to your rehab plan.

    After the walkthrough, we go back and run numbers to figure out what we feel is a reasonable ARV (After Repair Value). From there, we lend up to 70% of that ARV. If you’re not all in at 70%, we’ll have you put money down on the purchase for that difference.

    You never have to question if your funds will be at the closing table the day of closing. Once we approve a loan, we guarantee your funds will be there for the day of closing.

    After the loan is approved, a team member will come and check in on the property to make sure progress is being made. If a borrower wants to meet us out there to brainstorm ideas, trouble shoot, etc., a team member will come out once or twice to give assistance if asked.

    Our focus is to work with repeat borrowers. We want to ensure the process goes great so the loan pays off and we continue to do deals together for years to come!

    Hard Money Lending Designed for Your Success



    The “fix and flip” specialist who needs purchase money or “fix” money to make the deal happen.

    Landlords / Rentals


    The "buy and hold" strategist who needs to purchase a property and make repairs before converting to a permanent loan.



    The "find and flip" specialist who needs to close on a property before their retail buyer can close.

    Will you qualify for a hard money loan?

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    A Few Words from Our Clients.

    FasterFunds Lending
    Rehab Team
    BRRRR Method Users
    FasterFunds Lending
    STL Hard Money Borrower
    "FasterFunds Lending is always fast and easy to work with! They are very reliable and we are very grateful for their financing! With their lending power behind our company it has made us even more successful! Thanks so much Bryan and Suzanne, you guys are awesome to work with!"
    FasterFunds Lending
    FasterFunds Lending Client

    We lend to projects in these Missouri counties:

    Our Team's Mission

    FasterFunds Lending was started in 2015 to provide local St. Louis area landlords and rehabbers short term hard money lending to fund their real estate investing deals.

    • Our mission is to help our borrowers find financial freedom through their real estate transactions.
    • Our true passion is real estate and seeing the positive impact it can have on our borrowers’ lives.
    • We pride ourselves on servicing all of our loans in-house and keeping a personal relationship with all of our borrowers.
    • We understand the need for flexibility with real estate investing and know that each borrower will be slightly different both on paper and with what they want to do within real estate investing.
    • Our team lives in St. Louis and has over 70+ years of combined real estate experience.

    Contact a Hard Money Loan Specialist Now

    Please fill out the form below or call (636) 223-4262 to start a conversation with one of our friendly, local hard money loan specialists. We look forward to hearing from you!

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