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About Us

It’s our team’s wish to help our borrowers find financial freedom through their real estate transactions.

FasterFunds Lending was started in 2015 to provide local St. Louis area landlords and rehabbers short term money to fund their real estate investing deals. Our team lives in St. Louis and has over 70+ years combined real estate experience.

We have a true passion for real estate and love to see the positive impact it can have on our borrower’s lives. We pride ourselves on servicing all of our loans in house and having a personal relationship with all of our borrowers.  Our hard money team wants to set the bar for excellence in hard money lending for the St Louis Real Estate community.

We understand the need to be flexible with real estate investing and know that each borrower will be slightly different both on paper and with what they want to do within real estate investing.

We have several borrowers who invest in real estate full time as well as borrowers who have full time jobs and invest in real estate on the side.  We work with a lot of self-employed borrowers, borrowers working on improving their credit score and people from various backgrounds/ experience levels within real estate investing.


Left to Right: Emily, Lisa, Rachel, Bryan, Suzanne, Crystal

As investors ourselves, we also understand the importance of needing to be able to fund deals quickly! Once a borrower is pre-approved, we can close on deals within a matter of days.

It’s our goal at FasterFunds Lending to deliver more to our customers than our competition and to continue to raise the bar for customer service and excellence in hard money lending in and around the St. Louis area.

As investors, we understand the rehab process and how difficult it can sometimes be to find a good deal. Due to the overlap between our flipping and lending businesses, we are able to feed good rehab and landlord properties to our borrowers, answer questions and assist with issues that come up.

It’s important to us to go the extra mile for our borrowers and we gladly share our personal real estate investing knowledge.  One of our team members from FasterFunds Lending walks through every property that an approved borrower brings to us and we pride ourselves on being a second set of eyes for our borrowers.

We only want to lend on real estate deals where our borrowers will be successful.  Our team values win-win situations. We believe that if you make money on the first deal that we lend to you on, you’ll keep coming back and we’ll continue to do business together year after year.  We want to work with real estate investors whose businesses are thriving and growing and we want to be a positive force for their business.

We view our company as a partnership between us and our borrowers. We are here to help answer questions, provide the funds to make deals happen and celebrate borrower’s success when a house is sold or refinanced with a long-term lender.

It’s a pleasure to connect our borrowers to our preferred contractors, commercial lenders and conventional lenders.  In every avenue possible we want to deliver more to our borrowers.

Investor Services

Fast Loan Funding

We have the ability to move fast.  If you’re a pre-approved borrower with FasterFunds Lending we can fund your deal in as little as 7 days. 



Loan Options

We can customize your loans to your real estate investing needs.  We offer the following short-term programs to our borrowers:

  • Rental Property funding
  • Fix and flip funding
  • Construction funds
  • Closing cost funds
  •  No down payment required

Investor Benefits

  • Proof of Funds letter: once approved we issue a proof of funds letter that will get your offers taken seriously and show your buying power
  • Renovation consulting:  Our lending team is made up of real estate investors.  We will offer free advice on all stages of your real estate investment.
  • Professional connector: We have relationships with commercial lenders, portfolio financing, conventional financing, and local contractors.  We’d love to help you with your long-term financing and contractor connections.
  • Security and Trust:  We won’t lend on a house if we don’t see the potential and profit for our borrowers.  You can have peace of mind in your real estate investments


Hard Money Lender is a connector

Easy Hard Money Application Online


Easy Application

Our application process is entirely online.  All of your information is secure and encrypted.  You can electronically upload all of your documents eliminating all of the need to bring items into the office.  We’re completely paperless. 

Let’s Make Some Deals Happen Together!

Contact us today to see how we can help you fund your next real estate fix and flip or rental property (636) 223-4262.