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Borrower Spotlight: Marty and Charles’s Florissant Rehab

    St Edward House Renovations Highlighting the Beautiful Work of Charles and Marty

    St Edward in Florissant was the first flip that Charles and Marty ever completed.  They got their start in real estate through doing some side contracting work for other people.  They quickly realized that they wanted to take their knowledge of contracting and put it into a flip.

    They both work at a local school district and had to balance the demands of a flip with full time jobs.  They put a lot of sweat equity into the house working countless evenings, weekends and holidays to achieve their goal.  What determination!

    Charles and Marty make great business partners because they’re able to utilize each other’s different skill sets to optimize their projects.  For their project, they decided to use FasterFunds Lending as their hard money lender because they are a local lender. 

    Lessons Learned

    Charles and Marty hit a couple hiccups along the way that turned into great learning experiences that they plan on integrating into their business moving forward.  Charles describes “we had a crew that was coming out to do our siding (we have never sided a house before) and I was supposed to help them with the job as a laborer to gain experience and save a little money.

     Well, after showing up 2 hours late (only the crew leader came) and having to send me to the lumber store for supplies he said they had, we got started on the project.  After working for 6 hours and getting about 75% of the front of the house completed, the other crew member finally showed up.  He was there for 30 minutes and they said they were leaving for lunch. 

    After 2 hours and a couple of phone calls, we were informed they would not be back until the next day.  Well, the next day never came, and they never showed back up.  So, after 6 hours of “training” on the fly and a bunch of YouTube videos – we dove in and sided the house ourselves.  It threw us back about 3 1/2 weeks but came out great and we did the job for only the cost the of product and our own labor. 

    This was just one of the many stories and learning experiences along the way.”  In the end, the house turned out phenomenally.

    House Sold Fast

    The house features amazing custom designs throughout and lots of beautiful tile work.  They got the house under contract for full asking price in only 11 days in January.  Winter is usually the slowest time of year for real estate. 

    The FasterFunds lending team is so excited for both Charles and Marty and this amazing accomplishment.  Way to go!  We can’t wait to see where your next project will take you!

    P.S.  Charles and Marty are looking to keep growing their construction business.  If you are looking for another contractor to join your team you can contact them via their information below:

    Rachel Mendoza
    Author: Rachel Mendoza