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The FasterFunds Lending Team

From Left to Right: Emily, Lisa, Rachel, Bryan, Suzanne, Crystal

The central people our customers work closest with are Suzanne, Bryan, Crystal, Emily, Rachel, Lisa, Don and Troy. Below is a little bit about each one and what their role is on our St. Louis hard money lending team.

Suzanne Luther

Loan Manager / Loan Servicer

Suzanne is the Loan Manager who leads the team and is focused on moving the company forward in a positive direction.

Suzanne specializes in maintaining relationships with approved borrowers and makes sure our borrowers experience is top-notch. She grew up in the St Louis real estate investing community and has years of real estate investing experience.

She knows her stuff and prides herself on providing borrowers with excellent customer service while protecting their interests. Our team will only commit to loans where we feel the borrower can be profitable and Suzanne is proud to be their second set of eyes for potential real estate projects.

Suzanne has seen it all and there is no house too scary or gross!

Bryan Schroeder

Relationship Manager

Bryan started our founding family of companies in 2002 when he started FasterHouse. Prior to that he was a real estate appraiser for 8 years where he did some occasional real estate investing. In 2002, he went fully into real estate investing. He’s started many successful businesses since then including a property management business, an education business, and a real estate brokerage. He’s also seen the market at it’s height and made it through a massive down turn.

Bryan’s a single family home guy. He loves all versions of single families whether that’s wholesaling, rehabbing or building a portfolio of single family rentals. His passion is hearing about people’s passion and dreams and see if they can be accomplished through real estate.

Crystal Moore-Merriweather

Loan Processor and Director of Marketing

Crystal handles all loan documentation from new borrower applications, to contract, to closing. Crystal makes sure that your loan experience is seamless and that our team is hitting your closing deadlines. She is passionate about engaging with current and potential borrowers through social channels bringing you the inside scoop to how FasterFunds makes the dream happen!

Her background includes 10 years of experience as a Property Manager as well as a Marketing Guru for several property management companies in the St. Louis area. She recently made the switch to the Hard Money Lending and loves her role as she is devoted to see positive changes in all housing communities. You can catch her creating new ideas for our social media outreaches or deep diving into applications helping bring your real estate visions to life.

Emily Herndon


Emily is on our Underwriting team and is involved in the approval of new applicants and new loan requests. Emily helps to makes sure that each borrower is financially sound and that each property loaned on will be a win-win situation for both the borrower and FasterFunds Lending.

Her background includes 15 years of experience as a Realtor as well as being a Real Estate Appraiser Trainee. She is very detail oriented and is focused on helping our customers have a great experience throughout the loan process.  She and her husband, Mick, relocated to the St. Charles area from Jefferson City in 2019. They have several investment properties and profit from their own rental business.

Rachel Mendoza

Relationship Manager

Rachel is one of our Relationship Managers who loves talking to prospective and current borrowers about their real estate goals. She has great insight on how to build your real estate portfolio because she too has been investing for 6 years. She has done everything from working on her own flips and rentals with her husband to handling a contract to close. She has possessed many roles within the FasterHouse family, from HR, Marketing, IT, the Director of Happiness and now a Relationship Manager. She is super knowledgeable about all things real-estate so you are in good hands with Rachel.

In Rachel’s free time, you can find her traveling with her family, playing with her two boys, or baking sweets. She loves horses, used to work on a ranch and she learned to speak Spanish while there! Super impressive. You can also spot Rachel at Buyers Club making sure everything runs smoothly, but don’t hesitate to ask her any questions about lending or anything real estate. She is always looking for ways to help!

Lisa Hawkins

Loan Servicer

Lisa is the loan servicer, and she thrives on communicating with borrowers about everything from payments to payoffs and all topics in between. Once your project is funded, she sends you friendly reminders about insurance, loan maturity, and payments due. She provides payoff figures for the title company when you get your fabulous flip under contract (yay!) or goes to bat for you if you need a little more time to complete your project. In spare moments she writes newsletter articles, composes content for our website, and sends Buyers Club emails. She loves Buyers Club and soaks up as much knowledge as she can, looking ahead to an investment project of her own in the future!

Lisa’s background includes 15 years in sales and marketing, most recently as Sales Director for the Colorado Lottery. She left that glittering career to homeschool her six children from kindergarten through high school, with heroic support from her husband, Joe. In the spring of 2022, she joined the FasterFunds Lending team. She tells it straight: “Your odds of getting rich are far greater through flipping or rehabbing (with help from FasterFunds Lending, of course!) than your chance of winning that lottery jackpot!”

Don Lauman

Property Inspector

Don has had a long history working for Coca Cola where he moved around and served in a ton of different roles. When it came time to retire, Don knew he didn’t want to just sit around and do nothing. He spent some time working with people looking for jobs but when the property inspector role came up, he knew it was just what he was looking for!

Don enjoys walking our borrowers houses on a monthly basis and seeing the transformation. He can often be found taking photos in all of our current rehabs and doesn’t mind striking up a conversation if our borrower happens to be at the house while he’s there. If you see Don around, don’t hesitate to say hi!

Troy Schulz


Meet Troy Schulz, the accounting guru behind FasterFunds Lending. Since 2019, he's been rocking the numbers and keeping our financial ship sailing smoothly.

Troy is not your average number-cruncher. When he's not wowing us with his accounting prowess, you can catch him shredding the trails on his mountain bike or belting out tunes at karaoke nights. He's got a taste for adventure and a love for live concerts that adds an extra spark to his vibrant personality.

With Troy on board, our finances are in safe hands. His attention to detail and analytical skills ensure that our books are squeaky clean. His dedication and enthusiasm make him an essential part of the FasterFunds Lending team.