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Buyer’s Club Live w/ Henry Washington – Creative Financing, Finding Great Deals and Henry’s Story

    Henry Washington's entry into the realm of real estate investing in late 2017 marked the beginning of what would become a significant and transformative journey. Starting with the purchase of his first house, he quickly ascended to a prominent position within the real estate investment community, amassing over 120 rental properties and engaging in 10-15 house flips annually.

    Henry’s approach mirrors the wholesaling business model, heavily emphasizing aggressive marketing strategies to generate a continuous stream of leads. His meticulous process involves analyzing potential deals with precision, submitting offers on a wide array of properties, and securing those

    that present the best investment opportunities. The properties that align with his long-term holding strategy are added to his rental portfolio, while others are sold to investors, utilizing a method that bridges wholesaling and retailing, known as “wholetailing.” 

    Henry’s journey was not without its challenges. He navigated the murky legal waters of wholesaling in Arkansas, choosing to close on properties directly to mitigate legal risks. This decision, although possibly limiting his profit margins due to associated fees, reflects his strategic approach to risk management and his preference for maintaining direct control over his investment decisions. The catalyst for Henry’s venture into real estate investing was a series of personal revelations about his financial health and the potential for real estate to create wealth. 

    Initially unaware of the opportunities real estate investing afforded to ordinary individuals, a wake-up call regarding his spending habits and its impact on his financial stability led to a profound reassessment of his approach to money. This realization, coupled with a desire to build a secure future for himself and his wife, propelled him into the world of real estate investment. Determined to change his financial trajectory, Henry embarked on a self-directed educational journey. He immersed himself in the real estate investment community, attending meetups, and absorbing as much knowledge as possible. By confidently identifying himself as a real estate investor and
    articulating his goals, he was able to attract his first real estate deal through his network. 

    This proactive approach to networking and learning exemplifies Henry’s commitment to his new path. Beyond the mechanics of acquiring and managing properties, Henry emphasizes the critical importance of
    deal flow in growing a real estate investment business. He leverages a broad network, including contractors, title companies, and real estate agents, to ensure a steady stream of potential deals. His marketing efforts are characterized by simplicity and effectiveness, focusing on direct mail campaigns and a strategic mix of on-market and off-market strategies. Henry’s narrative underscores the
    importance of education, strategic planning, and networking in the field of real estate investing. His ability to articulate a vision, coupled with a willingness to learn and adapt, has been instrumental in his success. 

    His story serves as an inspiring example of how determination, informed risk-taking, and
    a focus on building relationships can lead to significant achievements in the competitive world of real estate investing. Are you in the St. Louis Area and interested in real estate investing? 

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