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Buyers Club Live w/ Matt Becker – Q2 2024 Market Update

    Market Overview

    Current Status: The St. Louis real estate market remains competitive and strong, with consistent buyer interest and transaction activity.

    Key Focus: Pricing is the critical factor influencing market dynamics. Homes must be priced accurately to attract serious offers and avoid stagnation on the market.

    Pricing Strategies

    Accuracy is Key: Overpriced homes are likely to sit on the market, often requiring price adjustments. Conversely, competitively priced homes can generate multiple offers.

    Professional Insight: Trust in real estate professionals is emphasized; allowing them to set realistic list prices based on detailed market analyses can lead to successful sales.

    Example Case: A recently flipped property was initially targeted to list between $270K-$280K but was more realistically priced at $250K based on comps. This strategy successfully attracted multiple offers without exceeding the list price.

    Market Dynamics

    Competitive Listings: Homes listed under $300K in St. Charles County are exceptionally active, often receiving offers above the asking price.

    Interest Rate Impact: Rising interest rates complicate financing for buyers, especially at rates around 7-8%, making it tougher to close deals. This situation underscores the importance of backup offers.

    Legal and Regulatory Changes

    NAR Settlement: A recent lawsuit against the National Association of Realtors (NAR) resulted in a significant settlement, influencing how commissions are handled. This includes a shift away from MLS-listed commissions to more direct negotiation between agents and their clients.

    Future Implications: The settlement introduces rule changes, including the requirement for written buyer’s agency agreements in more states and adjustments in how buyer’s agent commissions are disclosed.

    Market Outlook and Recommendations

    Summer Forecast: The market is expected to remain robust through the summer, with no decline in prices anticipated.

    Pricing Recommendations: Sellers are advised to ensure their pricing

    strategies are finely tuned from the beginning of their projects. Engaging with agents early can help determine a competitive and realistic list price.


    The St. Louis real estate market continues to thrive, driven by strategic pricing and informed by recent legal developments. Sellers who heed the advice of their agents and price their properties appropriately can anticipate successful outcomes even in a fluctuating economic environment.

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