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Constractor to Full Time Real Estate Investors

    Nick and Alexis Thiele have gone from full time contractors to full time real estate investors

    Play Video about Alexis Thiele - Rehabber and Landlord

    Alexis and her husband Nick rehab houses and have built an impressive rental portfolio. They started out rehabbing houses for other people, but learned that they could use hard money lending to start buying houses to flip themselves. They now have an impressive rental portfolio and actively flip multiple houses at a time. Check out Alexis and Nick’s success story as she tells you about how they are now utilizing funds from FasterFunds Lending.

    If you are looking for funding on your next rehab project or BRRRR in St. Louis contact us (636) 223-4262 to find out how easy and quick funding can be. 

    Rachel Mendoza
    Author: Rachel Mendoza