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Exterior Paint and Contractor Tips [Fix and Flip]

    Tip of the day…

    We recently purchased a house that was an ugly mustard yellow color, so we had to decide between 2 options:

    • Replace the siding or
    • Repaint the existing siding

    In this case the siding was in great shape and it was more cost effective to repaint the house instead of replacing the siding.

    The fastest way to paint the exterior of a house is by spraying it, but there is always a danger of over spray drifting onto other property (houses, cars, etc.) close to your house.

    So we opted to hand apply the paint to this house since wind is very unpredictable and the neighbor’s houses are very close.

    The other thing we hand to deal with on the exterior is so minor wood rot on some of the trim boards. The replacement of the boards brings up another tip…stay on to of what your contractors are doing.

    Make sure to visit your property a few times a week to make sure that the quality of the job is up to your standards and the municipality inspector’s level.

    This will save you from a huge list of fixes/repairs later after the inspections and after you have already paid a contractor for the work. It is really hard to get a contractor back to tidy up a few items later when they have moved onto another project.

    Hope this helps!

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    Rachel Mendoza
    Author: Rachel Mendoza