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Hard Money Borrower Spotlight: Florissant Rehab

    I don’t know about you, but I love to see how other real estate investors are rehabbing their houses. Here is a great example of before and after pictures from a recent rehab in Florissant, Missouri where a follow investor purchased a hoarder house.

    Note his use of floor covering, bathroom finishes, and color schemes to get an idea of trends in houses decor today.

    Kevin Johnson Bio:

    Kevin Johnson is a multi-talented entrepreneur and real estate investor.  He has invested in real estate for 9 years and has owned two other businesses.  He specializes in houses in North County and does a beautiful rehab. 

    Kevin is a general contractor and has built his own construction crew.  He is from University City and was able to meet most of his construction crew through his network from his roots.  Many of his employees had other jobs and he attracted their talent by promising them competitive pay, timely pay and flexibility. 

    Most of his construction crew has been with him since the very beginning and they have a great work rhythm.  Kevin prides himself on learning about real estate investing and how to flip a house by being hands on, doing a lot of the work himself and learning on the jobsite.

    How long have you been a real estate investor? 

    Kevin owned real estate before the crash.  He sold his real estate holdings and bought a bar and grill.  He owned the bar and grill for 6.5 years before he realized the investment wasn’t for him.  He made the hard decision to sell the grill due to lack of stability in the restaurant industry.  He realized he missed real estate and wanted to get back into it.

    What tips and tricks do you have for other rehabbers?

    Creating your own construction crews are essential.  Every investor needs dependable workers and to get things done by a certain timeline.  Kevin is from University City and stays in touch with all the tradesmen he meets.  He leveraged his relationships from University City and recruited great skilled workers.  Currently, his team has been with him from the start. 

    Do you have a funny rehabbing story? 

    Kevin was looking at a house and the neighbors thought he was breaking in.  The police came and arrested him and his main contractor.  They explained that they had the lockbox code and real estate agent’s name who had listed the house.  It took a few hours to get the situation resolved.  Thank goodness the police got ahold of the agent and bank.

    Any struggles with your business? 

    Kevin has struggled finding a good real estate agent that fits him as an investor.  Kevin wants to find someone who has his best interests at heart and understands his business goals.

    What drives you?

     Kevin loves the potential of real estate.  He also loves that it’s a seller’s market.  He thinks everyone should take advantage of the market.

    What’s your favorite part of rehabbing? 

    Kevin likes to see the progress from beginning to end of the projects.

    What is your Favorite rehab and why?

    Club Grounds favorite is Kevin’s favorite rehab and flip.  It was a hoarder house and now it’s really nice.

    Why do you like working with FasterFunds Lending?

    Kevin stresses that investors need to be aggressive with acquisitions.  Lots of hedge funds coming into town and investors need to be ready to act.  He loves working with Suzanne and the FasterFunds Lending team for the value they provide and the second set of eyes.  They want to make sure I’m going to be successful in my real estate investing.  FasterFunds Lending is very easy to work with, have great communication, and they move quickly.  Kevin loves that our team is local. 

    If you are looking for funding for your first or next real estate deal give us a call (636) 223-4262

    Rachel Mendoza
    Author: Rachel Mendoza