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Mold: What to Look For In Your Next Real Estate Purchase


    Hi everyone, it’s Suzanne over at FasterFunds Lending. And today we’re looking at a house over in Florissant. It’s actually a slab and whenever we walk through a house, I’m actually hypersensitive to mold.

    So as soon as I walk in the door, I tend to be able to tell that there’s some sort of moisture mold going on in the house, but for people who aren’t or if you’re trying to look for it, I always encourage people to look around like the foundation of the house look around windows for signs of mold.

    This house here is actually an example of some more advanced mold. So, if you look up here, there’s clearly been a patch in the drywall ceiling. And since this is a ranch, I’m assuming that maybe there was some damage to the roof at some point in time.

    But if you look along this beam and along the drywall, you’ll see all different kinds of like moisture spots that have browned. And then streaks all along there. What this tells me is that there is more likely than not, an issue with the roof.

    If it hasn’t already been repaired in the there’s likely mold in the rafters. So, depending on how severe the mold is, some mold is really not a problem at all. There’s actually also some mold over here in this corner that looks pretty minor since it’s a slab, it’s probably from hydrostatic pressure or maybe an issue with gutters not being cleaned out or downspouts not being pushed away from the house.

    But when you have mold in rafters, that’s a much more severe thing and depending on how bad the mold is it can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. And so, when you see something like that, if you’re not an expert in mold remediation or aren’t familiar with that I would highly encourage you to have someone come through the house, look at the rafters, and give you a bid and just to see how costly that’s going to be.

    So that’s your tip of the day. Again, I’m Susan Hunn, over at FasterFunds Lending. If you are looking for a hard money loan or interested in learning more about us, give us a call at (636) 223-4262

    Rachel Mendoza
    Author: Rachel Mendoza