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Rental Property Landscaping Advice – Landlord Tips

    While the landscaping of a house will give a rental house great curb appeal it can also cause maintenance issues down the road.

    Trees tend to be the biggest culprits because of their size and root structures.

    Large, mature tree roots can grow into the sewer laterals which can mean an untimely call to the local plumber to have the drain snake. And if a large tree is planted too close to the house or other structures you can have issues with the roots growing up against or into foundations and footings.

    With strong winds you can have large limbs or even the whole tree come down on structures which can be very dangerous and costly.

    In this video Suzanne Hunn of FasterFunds Lending talks about all these issues and more.


    Hey, everyone, it’s Suzanne over at FasterFunds Lending. Um, today we are out enjoying the sunshine and much needed warm weather. And we’re looking at a house over in Carondelet. Um, and this house, you can see people have been working on it and there’s actually a nice, kind of baby retaining wall put in. Uh, but you’ll notice there’s a couple of trees pressed right up against the house. Um, so when you’re thinking about landscaping. How to dress it up. Whether it is retail or for rental property. You wanna do something so the house has some curb appeal. We always recommend especially if you’re keeping a house for rental, to really think about the trees right next to your house. A lot of trees have the ability to, as their roots grow over time to create some long-term damage against the foundation. Or, as you can see there are these trees right here and then their sewer lateral is right here, so it can do damage to that as well. So, talk to your landscaper, think about landscaping when you’re doing it, what’s gonna add curb appeal, and also be a maintenance free issue. That’s it! I’m Susanne at Faster Funds Lending, if you have any hard money lending questions or are looking for a loan, give us a call at 636-223-4262 or visit us on Facebook, Thanks!

    If you questions about how to acquire rental properties and what else to look for before you purchase contact the FasterFunds Lending team or call them at (636) 223-4262

    Rachel Mendoza
    Author: Rachel Mendoza