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St Louis Hard Money Borrower Spotlight: Landlord Leveraging

    Active landlord using hard money loans to leverage his portfolio growth in the St Louis real estate market. Find out what he is doing, today!

    In the past 5 months he has doubled his portfolio. After only buying 1 or 2 rentals a year, he has purchased 4 in the last 5 months and has 2 more deals in the pipeline.

    By using hard money loans, Calvin has been able to fulfill his real estate goals.

    Here is the transcription:

    [Suzanne] Hi everyone. Today, we’re actually looking at a house with Calvin who is one of our borrowers and predominantly a landlord borrower with condo complexes in the Hazelwood – Florissant area. So, Calvin, do you mind telling us a little bit about yourself and how you got into real estate investing?

    [Calvin] Sure. Once again, my name is Calvin Jones. I’ve been a real estate investor forced periodically years. Started in 98 got out when the market crashed, and missed real estate and got back in about a year and a half ago.

    [Suzanne] How many condos, did you purchase before you start working with us?

    [Calvin] Before I started working with FasterHouse, I purchased, I’d own five condos. I own them free and clear. However, moving forward I could only purchase one maybe two a year and at that rate, I wanted to grow, and I was looking to do more leveraging. So, at the rate that I wanted to grow. I knew I could not continue to pay cash for the condos.

    [Suzanne] Did you have any concerns or fears as you went from purchasing all cash into purchasing with hard money?

    [Calvin] Sure. I most definitely believe in paying my debt off and trying to pay it off very quickly. However, I knew in the rate I that I was hoping to grow, and wanting to grow, that I would have to leverage with hard money lending.

    [Suzanne] And we started working together this past December. So, we’ve been working together now for 5 months. How many houses did you purchase in the last 5 months?

    [Calvin] Yes in the past five months I’ve purchased 4, and we have two deals in the making right now.

    [Suzanne] So in the past 5 months you’ve doubled your portfolio.

    [Calvin] Yes, I have. And I’m very excited about the growth potential and more working with FasterFunds Lending.

    [Suzanne] And we really appreciate working with you.

    [Calvin] Thank you.

    [Suzanne] So thank you for your time.

    [Calvin] Great.

    If you are interested in learning more about how hard money loans can help you reach your real estate goals call us today: (636) 223-4262

    Rachel Mendoza
    Author: Rachel Mendoza