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St Louis Hard Money Interview: Client First Flip for Himself

    Many potential investors have a hard to “pulling the trigger” on a deal. They will over analyze the deal to death, but at some point you have to jump into real estate investing to see what can happen.

    This can even happen if you are a remodeling contractor working on over investor’s deal. But Shawn finally took the leap and purchase a fix and flip for himself with the use of hard money from FasterFunds Lending.

    Here is the transcription:

    [Bryan] Hey guys, this is Bryan Schroeder here. I got with me Shawn Setlich and Suzanne Hunn. Shawn, you just bought a house from FasterHouse, how did you find out about it?

    [Shawn] I heard your name through realtors and did a little research. And then actually reached out to Suzanne.

    [Bryan] So if I remember right, Dennis at FasterHouse sent out an email. I think you got it somehow through the grapevine or whatever. And then you got excited about the house over in Webster. And what do you do for a living, what’s your gig?

    [Shawn] I’m a remodeling contractor.

    [Bryan] Have you ever done a fix and flip before?

    [Shawn] Not for myself.

    [Bryan] This is your first fix and flip?

    [Shawn] As a subcontractor, yes.

    [Bryan] Awesome. That’s cool, man and Suzanne with FasterFunds gave you a loan?

    [Shawn] She did.

    [Bryan] Awesome. How did that work?

    [Shawn] It’s pretty smooth.

    [Bryan] Really?

    [Shawn] Yeah quick easy.

    [Bryan] She didn’t make you jump through too many hoops or anything?

    [Shawn} Not too many. I won’t complain.

    [Bryan] What are you gonna do with the house?

    [Shawn] I’m gonna sell it.

    [Bryan} All right. So, you bought a house in Webster and Tuxedo Park. And your kind of familiar with that area. And you are kind of a contractor by trade or whatever you’ve been for a long time. So the rehab is probably like not that big a deal to you.

    [Shawn] Not that big of a deal.

    [Bryan] But it’s pretty good-sized rehab

    [Shawn] It is.

    [Bryan] Yeah, and then you’re going to fix it up and then you just gonna sell it.

    [Shawn] Yep. That’s the goal

    [Bryan] You don’t want to be on any tv shows or something?

    [Shawn] Nope.

    [Bryan] So you just want to fix it up and sell it. How did Shawn do on the lending side? Did everything go okay for you?

    [Suzanne] Yeah everything went great, we closed, wrote a contract on the house, and three or four days later, we closed.

    [Bryan] So far so good. So, we need to check back in like a couple months to see if it’s sold and you make good money.

    [Shawn] Come on down.

    So if you would like to get started with your first real estate deal contact FasterFunds Lending at (636) 223-4262

    Rachel Mendoza
    Author: Rachel Mendoza