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St Louis Hard Money Lender Interview: Real Estate Flipper


    [Bryan] Hey guys, Bryan Schroeder here with FasterHouse, I’ve got Kris Kern with me. Kris is an investor.

    [Kris] Yeah, an investor, rehabber, general contract, all of the above.

    [Bryan] So you do general investing as a living to a certain extent but also do some flipping also. Awesome, and you’ve got a couple deals you’re working on right now.

    [Kris] Yeah, I’ve got one flip for retail out in O’Fallon. It’s coming up here in about the next week and a half right around the end and looking to turn that one over. And then we got another one lined up right down the road about a mile or so.

    [Bryan] O’Fallon is your area.

    [Kris] Yes, sir.

    [Bryan] Awesome, and what do you do for financing on your deals?

    [Kris] My last ones have been through FasterHouse, everything’s gone great and smooth.

    [Bryan] So Suzanne takes care of you?

    [Kris] Yeah, they’re great at the office. The process is quick, having the in-house Title Company is going to help out a lot, I’m looking forward to some more deals.

    [Bryan] Awesome, you’re going to have that first one on the market here in the next week or so and then you’re going to start on your second one and hopefully a couple months down the road you’ll make a nice profit. Do you like flipping better than General Contracting?

    [Kris] Oh, yeah. Yeah, it’s more of a control your own destiny, control your own project, a little more hands on. You’re not necessarily always tied to a client. So, for me it seems like the right path.

    [Bryan] Well, we really appreciate working with you, thanks for giving us the opportunity to work with you.

    [Kris] Sure thing, thank you.

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    Rachel Mendoza
    Author: Rachel Mendoza