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Weekly Mentorship Call w/ Byron and Debora – Building Your Rehab Team Through The Sphere of Influence

    In this week's Mentorship Call, we have the talented power couple, Byron and Debora. We have been lucky enough to work with them for quite some time now and have seen their incredible journey unfold. They started as contractors, but Byron used this experience to take on the exciting challenge of flipping houses.

    Through their extensive network and connections in the contracting world, Byron and Debora worked together to create projects that were not only elegant but also efficient. They paid close attention to detail and were dedicated to their work, which led to truly impressive results.

    Byron, your achievements are truly inspiring. Your dedication and artistry in every project show us the great potential that lies within you. We congratulate you on your exceptional work so far and can’t wait to see where you will go next.

    We are always hanging out in the comments on YouTube so if you have any questions! We’d be happy to help 🙂