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Weekly Mentorship Call w/ Emily Pacheco – All About Clean & List

    In this weekly mentorship call, we have Emily Pacheco, an experienced realtor and investor/flipper. Emily shares valuable insights on clean and list properties, how to find them and the importance of knowing your exit strategy.

    One key takeaway that Emily emphasizes is the importance of understanding the market thoroughly to determine the most effective selling approach for your property. She recounts a compelling story of a single-family home she acquired, which had the potential to be converted into a duplex. Emily skillfully navigated the complexities of working with the local authorities and being aware of the limitations involved.
    Initially, Emily had intended to target investors as potential buyers, but she quickly realized that listing the property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) was the more suitable option. This particular home proved to be a relatively straightforward and profitable flip, and it requires a discerning eye to identify and capitalize on these types of promising opportunities.