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DIY House Flip w/ Julie Smith (1st Flip)

    Want to get tips on hot to save money on your next house Flip?

    When it comes to flipping houses, one of the most common concerns for investors is how to save money throughout the process. This question becomes even more pressing considering the various expenses involved, ranging from acquisition costs to renovations and everything in between. Julie, an experienced Realtor, understands the significance of cost-saving measures and often relies on a variety of strategies to achieve her financial goals. In fact, she recently completed a house flip that perfectly exemplifies her resourcefulness. One of the main ways Julie manages to save money on her flips is through the utilization of her family’s skills and expertise. Their involvement not only reduces labor expenses but also ensures that the work is completed up to Julie’s high standards. In addition to involving her family, Julie makes the most of other key assets to minimize expenses. Rather than relying heavily on outsourcing tasks or purchasing expensive equipment, she explores the world of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Watch the video to learn more on how Julie DIY’d her way through her most recent flip!


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