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Weekly Mentorship Call w/ Michael Schieffer – Mortgage Lender turned FLIPPER

    In this week’s mentorship call, we have Michael Schieffer, a real estate investor & traditional lender, sharing his insights on his latest flip project. Michael’s experience in the industry is further amplified by his background as a Mortgage Lender, which gives him a unique perspective on the entire rehab process.

    Michael’s latest flip project is a fascinating story that captures his expertise in the field and provides valuable lessons to the audience. He walks us through the challenges he faced, the strategies he used, and ultimately the success he achieved with this project. What sets this mentorship call apart is the fact that Michael brings a different angle to the table. As a Mortgage Lender, he understands the importance of financing and how it can impact real estate projects. This perspective is often overlooked, yet it’s essential for anyone looking to make a career in the industry. Thank you Michael!