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What is FasterFunds Lending?


    [Bryan] Hi guys, this is Bryan Schroeder with FasterFunds Lending, and this is Suzanne Hunnn with FasterFunds Lending. I’m going to ask her a few questions really quick so that you actually know what FasterFunds Lending actually does and stuff. So, Suzanne, what does FasterFunds Lending do?

    [Suzanne] Well Bryan, We, lend to rehabbers and landlords. Rehabbers who are looking for short-term loans, quick financing, they want to buy a house, fix it up, and sell it on the retail market. Or landlords who are looking to buy a house, fix it up, stick a tenant in it, and then refinance out with the bank to get all their money back from the deal.

    [Bryan] Wow! That sounds good. Why would somebody want to contact you? I mean, I know a landlord or a rehabber would want to contact you if they’re wanting money, but there’s a lot of you know, different choices in the market, banks, other hard money lenders, private funds. What is so good that you can do really well?

    [Suzanne] Yeah. Absolutely. That’s a great question. So, when we’re working with our rehabbers and our landlords. Some of the biggest reasons they tell me why they use us, is because we can be really fast. So, if you’re going to a bank for financing, a bank is going to maybe want to do an appraisal, they’re going to want to put not contingent upon financing on your contract, which might prevent some sellers from going with you. With hard money, you can check not contingent on financing, and actually both of us go and walk through the house. We use our own numbers. We don’t worry about an appraisal. We can be really, really, quick. Some people have just a little bit of concern or worry about walking into a bank and not knowing how that processes. With our programs, people just come in, sit, and meet with us and we help guide them. I think the biggest reason people use us, is that we care and we want to see all of our borrowers be successful and succeed in whatever their goal is, if it’s in relationship with rehabbing or landlording.

    [Bryan] And, if they’re a rehabber, do you have experience in rehabbing?

    [Suzanne] Yes, I actually just finished up my third rehab and just got it sold.

    [Bryan] Awesome, and if they’re a landlord, you have experience with landlording?

    [Suzanne] Yes, I just bought my first rental and I’m thinking about a second one.

    [Bryan] Nice. So, you have experience and you can kind of guide people on help them along the way.

    [Suzanne] Yes, correct. I try to help borrowers by building off my experience and the experience of that I’ve seen from our own company with regards to flips we’ve done through Faster House or other experiences I’ve seen my borrowers go through.

    [Bryan] That’s exciting, so if somebody wants to get a hold of you, what do they do?

    [Suzanne] Yeah, you can email me at or give me a call at 636- 223-4262

    Rachel Mendoza
    Author: Rachel Mendoza